Jump and run

When your office squad comes together, you don’t reach targets, you smash them. You don’t meet deadlines, you beat them. Now take that winning streak and prove yourselves at the Discovery 947 Rhythm Run – and get your pulse racing to the hottest tracks!

Start creating your Office Squad now! Here’s how:
  1. Complete an Office Squad application form and return it to run@947.co.za.
  2. Once your application is processed we will send an invoice with payment details.
  3. Once payment is received and processed we will create your team online and issue you with voucher codes to use at checkout on the online entry system.
  4. You can either enter your team members yourself, or ask them to enter themselves, using the voucher codes (1 per entry).
  5. The team leader will be able to log into a team management page at any time, to view and monitor entrants using their vouchers.